Visual Story Telling: Philadelphia Art Museum

Attached is a link leading to my YouTube video:  

The visual story presented represents a trip to the back of the Philadelphia Art Museum, where three friends take in the sights and tranquility of the moment. The song playing in the background is Alone With You, by Jake Owen, which meshes well with the imagery and theme set before us. The video allows us to see a story developing between three friends, who although find themselves to be like brothers, seek for their own individuality in this outdoor setting. They fear the idea their friendship is based on conformity and not their own individualities, but find themselves struggling to overcome this idea. They  evolve as the story goes on to gather their own insights on the world around them. Alone With You playing in the background exemplifies this idea people need their space from time to time in order to think and collect their own thoughts, without the fear of ‘conformity’ embodying them. The three friends are never seen communicating with each other, just walking along and taking in the atmosphere from their own different perspectives. It allows us to recognize the idea of individuality, because as we see the beautiful scenery developing from the video, we can see them encompassing their own train of thoughts. This idea of not being able to be alone with somebody, and being nervous of falling, constitutes to societies fears of being wrong or cast upon as an outcast. The stories over all message represents the comfortability these three friends have with one another to express their thoughts and feelings without this fear of being different. There is an underlying feeling of vulnerability we are able to see expressed through the compatibility of the imagery meshed with the lyrics and melody of the song. The last image of the three friends we see are all of them looking out into the distance together, where they have ultimately allowed themselves to become vulnerable and are opening themselves up to this fall of having different ideas. At the end of the video we are able to take in the lasting image of the entire complex for which they shared their evolving journey.


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