Usability Test: Non for Profit Organizations


A usability test is one of the most important aspects for maintaining a successful website. The most difficult task of creating a website, which makes it harder than all other aspects or media, is the ability to have a users eye toward the website. It is easy to understand our own work, because we are the ones who put everything together and had the idea for why it looks the way it does. The real test comes when we see if other people are able to convey the message we intended on sending them. Below are three links and descriptions of non-for-profit organizations within the Philadelphia area which I believe would benefit from a usability test:

Northeast Animal Rescue-

The reason the NAR website would benefit from a usability test is because it flat out looks outdated. There is no draw-in which excites the user to stay on this page and search around for a few minutes. The website looks as if it was created in the late 1990s. The homepage does not do a good job of conveying at first glance the goals of the organization because all though the title is “Animal Rescue” it seems to focus solely on cats, which is confusing. All aspects, from the color to the font to the setup does not look like a website which was worked on and put together with a plan. Instead, the website looks as if it was rushed and thrown together in order to ‘have’ a website. The organization itself, seems as if it has promise to develop a worth-while website and with a usability test which indicates points to focus on and stay away from, along with the help of a design change, the NRA website can be way more successful.

Center For the Study of Economics-

The reason the Center For the Study of Economics website would benefit from a usability test is because it is too jumbled with wording and not enough photos. Also, the color of the website and setup makes it look outdated and the click-ability is a bit confusing at first since the text is such a light color. At the top of the homepage as well it allows the ability of clicking on various headers, but brings the user back to the same page each time regardless of what is being clicked on. The website also does a poor job of driving across the message of what the organization actually does. I have been on this website for the entirety of time I have been writing this passage and am still quite confused about what this organization does, which is never a good sign.

Moving Creations Inc.-

The reason Moving Creations Inc. would benefit from a usability test is because the entire website is way too wordy. However, the initial website is difficult to enter at first because it is difficult for the user to see the enter sign which is minimized underneath the moving visual. Once the user enters the site they are shoved words in their face for every tab they click on. The best way for Moving Creations Inc. to benefit from a usability test would be the ability for the organization to cut their wording in half….than cut some more. The website should use other ways of grabbing the users attention or passing along its overall message, other than filling its website with words.


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