Usability Test: HawksEyeViews

Using Krug’s Don’t Make Me Think, I will be performing a usability test on my own blog and answering questions about how my blog does on varying topics. Don't Make Me Think by Steve Krug

  • Use of Media/Images- My blog lacks good imagery to help supplement my passages. I also do not use other media tools to help my viewers, which is important because the audience does not want to be bored with continuance reading and no breakup for their eyes.
  • Site- When mentioning a site I do provide proper url links to guide readers toward the site spoken about in the post.
  • Video- When mentioning a video I have provided the url link in the past and have not embedded the video right into the post.
  • Links/urls- When mentioning a link I do provide the proper url in order for readers to continue searching for a topic which interest them.
  • Citations- I have not had an instance when I have mentioned another blog or blogger where I would have to provide a trackback into my post.
  • Scan-ability- The text on my blog is scannable because it is broken up by dotted-lines and large headers, allowing readers to understand where the break in the post is and making it easy to skim through quickly looking for a certain entry.
  • Design- The overall design is about average. It works, but at the same time can defiantly use a lot more work to make it cleaner and more accessible. I would like for the background of the page to be a lighter color and not have the black hawk in the background take away from the overall text of the different post. The headers changing color when I scan my mouse over them strikes me first because it immediately tells my mind “okay, this is something I can click on”. The hawk in the background as I mentioned takes away from the blog I think because it is always right there and it can get distracting.
  • Text/fonts- The text font, size, and color are readable. However, there are times when the text font overlaps with the black hawk in the background making it a little bit harder to read, although not terrible. It is something that should defiantly be fixed.
  • Colors- The use of color is complimentary, however there is not enough color making the blog dull looking.
  • Noise- There is not any noise going on at all. The blog is very simple and focuses primarily on the blog post and nothing else. There are no other pop-ups or animations flying around the page which would be distracting to a reader. The site is set up as a way for users to best get their information with no other distractions from the site.
  • Needless Work- There are quite a few lengthy post within the blog, which can be considered needless work and can be shortened. There are some post which contain ramble and filler lines to length each post, but they should be cut down to only the words the reader will need to understand the topic being written on in the post.
  • Navigation- The navigation is obvious because it is only one page, so there is nowhere to navigate too. However, I would like to work on expanding the page to have multiple pages with easy, accessible navigation for users. The site does not rely on conventions to help navigate…yet.
  • Blog title and tagline- The tagline is descriptive and engaging because it makes a play on the title while still delivering the proper information needed for readers to understand what they are going to be viewing on the site.
  • About Section- The about section is clear and descriptive of what the blog is offering to its readers. The main ideas and goals are set out within the about section, while being somewhat fun and enjoyable. However, the about section may contain some filler words/sentences which can be removed to help shorten and make more concise.
  • Structure/Organization- The site is profession and has a professional feel to it. The site gets right to the point with the blog post and does not bring the user around in a circle trying to figure out how to use the site. The site is neat and laid out in order, but does look a bit amateurish because it does look so plain. I would like for the site to be more lively and less dull looking with a boring feel. Nonetheless, the page is clean and neat with plenty of room for improvement.
  • Accessibility- There are no “alt text” added to any images on the site. However, there are no images on the site to add “alt text” too, which is something to be fixed.

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