“Everybody Receives A Trophy?”

Participation Medal

The modern movement of this notion “everybody receives a trophy” is put on display in this talk, as realist Christopher Moffa unveils a societal push by adults to coddle and shield their children from the ways of the world.

As a society we are becoming increasingly soft and protective, causing children to grow-up in a different environment than generations past. Parents are the focus of the blame through their attempted efforts of equalizing the playing field. The days of having a first place are nearing extinction in favor of participation awards. Chris Moffa explains why.


Jimmy Kimmel Live Halloween Challenge “FLIPPED”

Jimmy Kimmel Live Flip

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Attached is a link which will bring you to my “flipped” video for my TED lesson. I decided to take a different approach and “flip” a video which generates around the eagerness of parents to mess with their children any chance they receive. The video portrays parents who tell their children, while they were asleep the parent ate all of the Halloween candy gathered by their very own trick-o-treater. The children’s reactions are priceless, as well as the parents willingness to accept the challenge. Jimmy Kimmel Live is a great show, which prides itself on social experiments and how people act to conform within society.

I hope you enjoy the lesson as well as the video!